Heroes & Heroines | Michel Gondry

Michel Gondry is a filmmaker that I followed closely when I was at film school ten years ago. He’s completely off his nut which really appeals to me. I found him via another of my heroes Björk (who is also off her nut in the most brilliant way). Both of them do things a little bit differently but with such grace and consideration.

What I like most about Gondry is that he is very clever and achieves effects  in a very organic way when most would turn to easier and cheaper technologies. You’ve probably seen loads of his videos and not realised who was beind them all.

Here are some that I think are the best (I also happen to love the songs).

One of my favourites is from an obscure Japanese/New York band Chibo Matto who are, you guessed it, completely off their nuts (I’m accidentally sounding a bit Danny Dyer here).

Here’s Sugar Water from 1996.

It’s really stylish and so clever how the two films sync up.

Check out Tracey’s awesome dress in Protection  by Massive Attack

Makes me think Wes Anderson probably stole his style a little bit with the production design being so vibrant, vintage-looking and surreal.

This one is so clever. It’s very different to classic Gondry but you can’t miss his signature colouring. That fuzzy, NTSC-esque warm blur. I sound so full of film school crap but it’s true! There’s no unpretentious way to appreciate the moving image I’m afraid.


Also, this is one of those songs that came out when I was at film school and would definitely be in the soundtrack to the film of my film school years. Film.

This is one of my favourites. It’s stunning. Love this song so much.

If you watched MTV2 and went to indie clubs in the early 00s this was the one.

There’s too many to list, but can’t omit this beauty which has to be the best. If you deny attempting one of the dances out of this video at a club when it came on then you are a massive liar.

He also did some pretty amazing commercials back when they were exciting and Levi’s ads made bands go to number 1.

A nice chap has compiled some of the best on a playlist so here you go. Some cool ads you will probably recognise.


Photo: flickr.com/photos/cameronwittig


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