6 Online Apps That I Swear By

Most of my working day is spent online and almost every application I use is web-based. Some of these online apps have followed me around for years and have often been recommended to me by colleagues. I thought it would be nice to share my faves with you. Pretty much all of these tools are free.

Google Trends

If you work in content or any type of marketing really, you need to know what’s trending ALL THE TIME. You probably know all about Google Trends, but have you seen this cool visualiser tool? You can download it as a screensaver too (which I totally have).

Google Trends Visualiser


If you’re familiar with Agile then you’ll have heard of the Kanban board. This is like a digital version. You don’t have to be working in Agile to use it, you can use it to plan your new bathroom or your wedding (that would’ve been really handy) but most people use it to collaborate on digital projects. The basic jist is, the headings along the top are stages and the ‘cards’ below them represent tasks currently in that particular stage. You can label cards for swift access to topics and add members so they can edit them when they have an update on their contribution to that piece of work.


Run Keeper

I can’t go running without using Run Keeper anymore. It’s so good for motivating me to keep going. I knocked 17 minutes of my 10k last year using it. While it tracks your route, distance, average pace and calories (though I don’t really rely on the calories info) it will keep you posted on your progress at whatever interval you choose. I usually set it to notify me at every 0.5km as I do interval training. It works really well with Spotify (or any music app) as it quietens the music playing to update you on progress. You can share your run on social media too if you want to brag. Or, y’know, don’t.

Run Keeper



A great place to start with a website landing page (or a website full stop) is a wireframe. Balsamiq is a really, ridiculously easy tool to use that even the most junior person could get their heads round in minutes. If you’re a visual person or are dealing with people that need visuals to understand your brief, it’s an ace tool. It’s not free after the first 30 days though 😦 I suppose the internet pixies need to pay the bills somehow. (Though I have had it for about 3 months and it still works. Shhhhh).


Google Hangouts

This is something I use all the time at work. It’s loads better than emailing for innocuous stuff. No one likes coming back from lunch to 50 emails, so this is a great way to cut that out. It’s much more exciting to receive a chat notification than an email. And the emoticons are so cute! I have the app on my iPhone too so I can see what’s going on when I’m out and about.

Google Hangouts

Full Page Screen Capture

It’s pretty self explanatory really. It’s a nifty Chrome plugin you can find in the Google App store. It’s loads better than Awesome Screenshot which is not very awesome these days. You can save the screenshot as a Jpeg for handy sharing.

Full Page Screen Capture


Hope these are handy.

Photos: They are all screenshots from the respective websites discussed.


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