10 Minute Code Challenge

I’ve been dying to do a HTML / CSS course for a couple of years (that’s not even the nerdiest quote in this article) and finally got to do it at work this week. It was really fun! And I was worried I would hate it / not have the attention span for it / or find it too hard but it really held my interest and I’m definitely going to keep it up.

As I only review code rather than write it in my role, I needed an idea to make sure I stuck with it. Our tutor Dave Ellis made a really good point at the end of the training. That the longer you leave it until you practise, the more information will fall out of your head.

To make sure HTML doesn’t fall out of my head, my idea is to code every day for at least 10 minutes.  Apart from when I go on holiday or on bank holidays. I’m going to start a web page that will show my latest efforts soon which will be a pointless page that simply shows what I can do.

I’m also signed up for Code Academy which is handy for exercises which I’m hoping will take me beyond the stuff I learnt in my course.

So far I can…

  • Do the standard title, H1, 2, 3, body text etc
  • Add images
  • Create lists and forms
  • CSS
    • Position containers
    • style text, font, colours and backgrounds
    • Form fields

And all that kind of stuff.

I even did a media query. Sounds basic to coders but it’s like a new world has opened up for me and it would be cool to find out if I’m any good at it.

This is the masterpiece I created from scratch as my final exercise

My HTML & CSS Masterpiece

When I’ve set up the Frankenstein’s Monster page I’ll post it up so you can have a laugh or even better, give me some tips!







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